Keaton Schultz

Keaton Schultz is owner and Principal of Schultz Property Management. Keaton has worked as a Realtor in the Central Wisconsin area since 2015 and Real Estate Broker since 2018. In addition to his real estate career, he has a passion for renovating, investing, and redeveloping residential and commercial rental property.

Andrew Green

Andrew Green is the Real Estate Manager for Schultz Real Estate. Andrew has worked as a buyer for Furniture and Appliance Mart, as well as a Property Manager for DBGREEN Real Estate. In his free time, he enjoys working on remodeling projects with his Father.

Steven Rearick

Steven Rearick is the Asset Manager at Schultz Property Management. Steven has lived in the Central Wisconsin area since 2012. Steven has been serving in the United States Army since 2012 and has deployed to Iraq and Syria managing large varieties and quantities of assets for the entire Area of Responsibility. He has a passion for serving his community and renovating old homes to their full potential.